Update 1.2.3c

- The mission screen can now be navigated as a linear list by pressing the right stick up and down, or by using the J and K keys.
- Added a search function to both the arcade screen and the mission screen.  Press ctrl-f to search.
- Arcade screen - Tracks are now colored by collection.
- Arcade screen - Added new sort methods: Collection, Score, Artist.
- Fixed a bug where the Jelly's Raceway mission could choose a track that you do not own.

Editor changes
- Fixed a bug where saving caused the note graphics to disappear.
- Environment editor - Added a shortcut key shift-r to set repeat count to cursor.
- Track editor - Fixed crashes that happened if you deleted all control points.


sequence-storm-win64.zip 385 MB
Version 1.2.3c Oct 12, 2020


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