Update 1.2.3e

There is now a Discord server for SEQUENCE STORM: https://discord.gg/2bQWEWA

Update 1.2.3e
- In stealth missions, touching walls or missing notes no longer reduces your stealth.
- In "Project Avian" reduced the number of bots.
- Fixed a bug where a new track had no default BPM set.
- Fixed crashes and freezes that could happen when there is no BPM set.
- Fixed a bug where deleting all notes would cause the notes to reappear.
- For text entry fields, narrate the character being removed when using backspace or delete.
- For text entry fields, narrate the character being moved over when using left and right to move the cursor.
- Fix a bug with narrating the cursor position before beat zero.
- Fixed a bug where resetting mission progress did not reset your unlocked items.
- Added a link to the discord from the title screen.
- Fixed a bug with audible cues 1 mode where exiting the editor didn't return the audio cues properly back to AC1 mode.
- Fixed a bug causing keysounding to not work for some notes.
- Added narration to the set/clear end of track position commands.


sequence-storm-win64.zip 385 MB
Version 1.2.3e Oct 20, 2020


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