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Extreme rhythm and racing adventure! Featuring advanced accessibility options. · By SPECIAL MAGIC GAMES LLC


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​Update 1.2.4f
Update 1.2.4f Sequences updates: - Sequences are still considered a beta feature that is being developed! Please send feedback or any crash reports that you get...
1 file — 1.2.4f
Update 1.2.4d
Update 1.2.4d - Added a beta version of a new "sequences" feature in the arcade. These are series of tracks that play back to back with a harder health bar. C...
1 file — 1.2.4c
Update 1.2.4
Update 1.2.4 - New DLC! The Synchronized Attack Track Pack - Side B is out now! This pack contains six new tracks!
1 file — 1.2.4
Update 1.2.3f
Update 1.2.3f Editor - Fixed a bug where deleting all notes and then saving when using an audio mode caused the old notes to reappear. - Narrate selecting all w...
1 file — 1.2.3f
Update 1.2.3e
There is now a Discord server for SEQUENCE STORM: Update 1.2.3e - In stealth missions, touching walls or missing notes no longer redu...
1 file — 1.2.3e
Update 1.2.3d
Update 1.2.3d - Fixed a bug in the mission Mia Green Is Missing where the bot would shoot off too fast. - Adjusted the volume levels of moving barriers, collisi...
1 file — 1.2.3d
Update 1.2.3c
- The mission screen can now be navigated as a linear list by pressing the right stick up and down, or by using the J and K keys. - Added a search function to b...
1 file — 1.2.3c
New DLC - Synchronized Attack Track Pack!
Synchronized Attack! This new DLC includes six new tracks and nine soundtrack items.
1 file — 1.2.3
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I know I'm 2 years late but this has instantly become my favorite rhythm game ever!
started by Bobby Sixkilla Apr 13, 2020
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